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The ultimate peace of mind

Happy Animals Equals Happy Humans

Private Dog Walks In Your Neighborhood

There’s no denying that exercise is just as important to man’s best friend as it is to humans. Our private dog walks provide essential health benefits and lots of fun for your pup while ensuring their safety. But, of course, if walks are not for them, we do outdoor and indoor playtime!

Your pet’s safety is our #1 priority. Finding a trusted and reliable dog walker while you’re away is hard. Our dog walkers are insured, bonded, and trained in pet first aid and CPR.

Service Area in Maryland: Reisterstown, Owings Mills, Boring, Upperco, Hampstead, Manchester, Westminster, Glyndon, Hunt Valley, Greenmount, Butler, Worthington.


What are the benefits of dog walking?

Mental stimulation means less destructive dogs.

Regular dog walks help keep your pup healthier.

Just like us, dogs benefit greatly from regular exercise. It helps maintain a healthy weight and better joint health, regulates the digestive and urinary systems, and helps improve mental and emotional health.

Happier dogs and better socialization.

Once we get your completed profile, we’ll schedule a meet and greet in your home, review your pet’s routine, and go over where everything is located for your pet’s needs while you are away.

Dogs with something fun to do during the day are less likely to be destructive in your home. On the other hand, dogs can quickly become bored during the day, and a daily dog walk can easily fix many behavioral problems.

Fewer behavioral problems.

Our expert dog walkers will reinforce any training you have been providing your dog and will notify you of any behavioral issues so they can be addressed. Your dog walker will also teach proper leash skills and how to sit and stay.


Tell Me More About Your Dog Walking Service.

Our walking service is different from your run-of-the-mill dog walking service. We offer private one-on-one dog walks, customizable according to your dog’s needs.

Your dog walker utilizes a mobile app that tracks their GPS location, and our office monitors their routes to verify their walks and your dog’s location at all times.

If dog walks are different from what your pup needs. We will let them out, so they have some play time, get exercise, and of course, a potty break.

  • Are there any days that you don’t do pet sitting?
    We are available to pet sit 365 days a year in every type of weather, including rain, snow and summer heat.
  • Will I have the same pet sitter every time?
    You will be assigned a pet sitter based on your pets' needs, and which will best fit your animals' personalities. While we try to keep the same pet sitter on all visits, we may utilize additional staff members to provide coverage.
  • Are you insured and bonded?
    We are! We are a full-time, highly professional pet-sitting business that takes our reputation very seriously.
  • I have cameras in the house. We will be watching!
    We do not have a problem with cameras in the home. They protect us and prove that we are doing our job. However, we do not allow cameras in private areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms, or bedrooms.
  • Will you administer medication?
    We do! We are highly experienced in administering medications to pets. We do it all: liquid medications, pills, injections, subcutaneous fluids, or inhalers. At the meet and greet, we will document your pet’s routine and ensure your pet’s profile is updated in our software, so their information is at your pet sitter’s fingertips during each visit.
  • Will you provide references?
    We invite you to check out our reviews on Google and Facebook.
  • Will you guarantee a time?
    We provide pet-sitting visits during specific time frame windows. We cannot guarantee a particular arrival time, but we guarantee we’ll show up during your requested window.
  • How many visits are required?
    We customize our services to meet the needs of your pets. Cats require at least 1 visit per day. We do not provide every-other-day visits for cats. Adult dogs are 2-4 visits, depending on their needs. If they are kept in crates, they will need 3-4 visits.
  • How will I know that the visits are being done?
    Our industry-leading scheduling software keeps track of our sitters at all times. We know where they are and when they visit your home. If they aren’t on time, our office is promptly notified so we can activate our backup plans. In addition, you will receive an alert via our mobile app when your sitter has arrived at your home, and you’ll receive a detailed report card and pictures after the visit.

We’ll also make sure they have fresh water.

Available Time Frames


7:30 am -10:30 am


10:30 am -2:30 pm


2:30 pm- 5:00 pm


5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

late night***

8:00 pm – 10:30 pm

*Alll new clients are required to have a meet and greet prior to any visits. **Locations more then 10 miles from the pet sitter may be subject to a travel surcharge *** There is an aditional fee for visits during this time frame.


Weekday Walks

These are express visits, Monday-Friday in the mid-day time frame. They are perfect for a quick walk, or let out to play and potty while you are away at work! $20


Express Walk

These are 15-minute visits that are during any of the time frames listed. This is perfect for a quick walk, or let out for potty and playtime! $20


Standard Walk

For dogs that need a little extra attention, a 30-minute dog walk will provide even more time for exploring the neighborhood, walking a favorite trail, or visiting a nearby dog park to play with other pups if you’d like. $30


Extended Walk

Best for young dogs or high-energy breeds that need extra attention, a 60-minute dog walk will provide even more time for exploring the neighborhood, walking a favorite trail, or visiting a nearby dog park to play with other pups if you’d like. It is also great for dogs that need lunch or longer playtime in the yard. $40

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